We set up and take control of all your tasks in Hubspot for a fixed monthly fee. Think about your process and we will make it real on Hubspot.

We work for your clients on your behalf, so you don't
have to worry about a thing.

If you like to save the costs from hiring an independent developer don't hesitate on calling us.
We have experience with many agencies and a vast set of certifications.

What does Merkub offers you

These are some of the most popular tasks that we get done for you


Set up of internal and external marketing automation


Measure what matters most and see it at glance with custom reports

Set up

Get up and running quickly on Hubspot


Email, landing page and theme templates

Chat Bot

Development of well structured Chat bots, in order to engage your visitors

Why choose us?

Manage costs

Save hiring and trainning costs, while you focus on growing your business

Focus on sales and strategy

Scale your business by focusing on your sales and strategy process, than instead on Hubspot tasks


Instead of trainning new employees, which is exhausting and time consuming, get the best personal do what you need

Increase bandwitch

In order to increase your Hubspot bandwitch you need someone to manage all of your tasks

Manage quality

If you want to deliver great quality to your clients, you're in the right place, since freelance quality is often hard to find or non-existent.

You don't have to worry about your fixed capacity, we manage your tasks

Do you have any doubts?