Why choose

  • Account manager to receive your task.
  • Portal services 24/7.
  • Meetings to follow up on our process.
  • Certificate team in Hubspot.
  • We manage other CMS like WordPress.
  • Free trial for 7 days

How Merkub packages work?

You can select one of the three packages we offer, then you can send unlimited tasks to the support team.

The ticket portal is available 24/7 to send your Hubspot activities, you can check the status of your activities and process them.

You will have an account manager to develop every task in your mind. Is easier with Merkub

How Onboarding works?

Week 1

Recording the info: You'll have a kick-off with your Hubspot Onboarding specialist to check every requirement you need. After that, we are going to make the Onboarding plan with specific deadlines and the people in charge of every activity.

Week 2 - 4

We are going to create the new process in Hubspot with the information collected in the first week. Later, we are going to make changes in the hub that you requested and test this new process to check its status and proper functioning.

Week 5

Now you go live and use the processes that we made for you. Also, you can buy one of our tasks packages to send new tasks if you need to improve or require support in any of your processes.

* The onboarding process can take more o less time, this is just an estimate. It's important you understand that every sale, marketing, and service process is different in every company.

How to submit tasks?

1. Contact your account manager or go to the ticket portal to submnit tha taks by yourself.

2. If you decide to do it by yourself, when you sign in the ticket portal select: new ticket > fill the from > check if the info is correct > click on submit.

3. Once you're in the ticket portal you can see all the tickets you or any member of your company have submitted. Also, you can check the status of their process.

4. Finally, through the messages of the portal you can have double-way communication with either the support team or your account manager and follow up on the tasks you've sent.

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